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Spiritual Clarity Play

Series: Clarity
By Pastor Randal Ross

This series brings new meaning—God’s meaning—to six words that the world has incorrectly defined. In his first sermon back after his summer sabbatical, Pastor Ross shared about the clarity that he received.

Real Family Play

Series: REALationships
By Pastor Michael Escamilla

In the conclusion to our series, Pastor Michael shared about relationships within families.

Real Marriage Play

Series: REALationships
By Pastor Kregg Hood

Pastor Kregg shared the three key elements to a lasting marriage.

Who’s Got Your Mat? Play

Series: REALationships
By Pastor Steve Andres

In the first part of our relationship series, Pastor Steve talked about the value of godly friendships.

Why Did Jesus Come? Play

Series: All Things New
By Dr. Luis Palau

Luis Palau is an international evangelist who has presented the Gospel message to over one billion people. This series illuminated God’s present-day work of renewal in individuals, families and communities and pointed toward the hope of new life now at work in us today.

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