Water Baptism

What is water baptism?

After repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation, Calvary encourages obedience to the Lord’s command of Water Baptism by immersion (Mt. 28:18-19). This act symbolically declares that a believer’s old sinful life died with Christ and that a new spiritual life with Christ has been raised. Therefore, in order to be considered for baptism, a person's life should reflect their new life in Christ and their commitment to obeying his Word. Please note: In that marriage is a biblical standard, couples who are living together and not married do not qualify to be baptized until conforming to Scripture.

When can I be baptized?

The next water baptism opportunity will be during the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services on February 11, 2018. 

How can I participate?

Adults and children (grade 4 and older) are welcome. You will need to attend a 20-minute baptism orientation/registration meetings prior to being water baptized. Orientations will be held in rooms 125 & 126 following each service on January 28 and February 4. 

 If you need more information about being baptized in water, please email us or call 630-585-3279.

Baptism Testimonies

Baptized November 5, 2017

Kumbirayi Makoni

I was baptized when I was a baby in the Catholic Church. Ever since I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I have always wanted to be water baptized. I am excited to make the proclamation of my faith publicly on my own. We chose this special day for our whole family to get water baptized: my wife and our three children.

Katian Arenz

My whole life, my mom has always followed and trusted Jesus, even when we were going through some rough moments. Through the struggles, my mom never doubted her faith—in fact, it just made it stronger. Her love, faith and commitment to Jesus really showed me what a true believer looks like and how I want my relationship with Jesus to be. Even though I grew up as a Christian, I was never really committed until this past summer in IDT where God showed me the way to Him and told me that He had plans for me. Now I know who God wants me to be, and I want to live my life according to his teachings.

Nicolas Williams

I'm 11 years old, and the reason I want to get baptized is so I can have my sins forgiven and lifted from my shoulders and onto Christ. This year, I went to Kids Across America summer camp and it changed my whole perspective of how I look at the Lord. It made me feel that you don't have to be so serious and that you can have fun learning about Him, but not use the Lord as a crutch. I want to be baptized because the Lord is a very important part of my life and I need him to stay in my life.

Maud Makoni

I was baptized as a baby. As life has moved by, my Faith has grown. The Lord has told me: "It is time to be water baptized". So, I am being baptized as an act of obedience to the voice of God in my heart. I waited for my kids and husband to all come to the same place. It has taken this long. I praise God, my whole family will be baptized same day.  

There is no testimony without a test. In 2003, I lost my son during late term pregnancy. It was my first brush with death and left me shattered and depressed. On Mother's day in 2015, my mother suddenly passed and exactly four month later, we lost my father-in-law. My whole world collapsed right under my feet. In all this, l’ve experienced God’s grace and mercy. When David said “goodness and mercy will follow me,” he was right. In my struggle with grief, I leant to let go and allow the peace of God to win over my broken heart. I couldn't carry my loss alone, l had to depend on God. I let Him in my life and it was like having a friend walking with me. We walked together on the path to recovery while l talked with Him and He talked back to me. I grew to trust Him and became able to love Him through all the seasons of life. I know without a shadow of doubt that in my time of sorrow He was there to comfort me and to lift up my soul. For me, pain and sorrow actually produced a new person in me. To mark this important phase of my life and my relationship to God and to show my love to God, I will be baptized publicly in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Baptized September 3, 2017

Carly Alagna

I have spent my life walking down a path that always felt empty. I have always felt that there was something missing in my life. For over a year, before I gave my life over to Christ, I was getting signs from Him. I just didn't want to see what He was showing me. Finally, only a few months ago, God didn't give me a choice not to listen to him. He became all I could think about from the moment I woke up in the morning to the last thought in my mind before I went to sleep. I decided to reach out to a close friend of mine that goes to Calvary and who has been trying to get me to come for as long as we have been friends. I told her my situation, and all she said was just to come to church and see how it made me feel. I came to church that following Wednesday, and for the first time in my life, I felt completely whole. That night, I committed my life to Christ, and I haven't stopped ever since. I want to be baptized because I want to have what I said out loud to be finalized in God’s eyes.

Jennifer Calvillo
I grew up in a Christian home, and at a very young age I dealt with homosexual feelings. Then, at the age of 19, I found myself pregnant and married, and two years later, divorced. After that, I began pursuing women. During this time, God's word that was spoken to me as a child began to conflict with my desires. I was not aware that I had family constantly praying for me during this time, and trying to understand my views and struggles.

In 2014, on Easter Sunday, I was invited to church and experienced something I never had; I felt my insides expose and my heart convicted. I went up to the front and accepted Jesus in my heart. I never understood what the Holy Spirit felt like until that day. While I was still involved in a relationship with a woman at the time, by God's mercy, He allowed me to realize that by choosing sin, I was completely empty no matter my surroundings.

I began finding myself having conversations with God, and slowly those conversations became more intimate. With the help of many people, I have been able to work through the process of releasing sin and committing to God. I now go to church consistently and read my Bible and study it. Getting baptized is more than obedience for me; it is a public demonstration that I am free. I now understand the definition of love and the splendor of knowing God in a deeper way. I want to know Him more, and I want to be a healthier mom and woman. I also pray that my testimony help others who are struggling with sin that seems to be defying their life.

Carolina Conde
I was raised in a Christian home and was always taught to trust in the Lord. When I was expecting my 1st child, 13 years ago, the doctors told me she would not survive because I had 2 tumors that would require surgery during my pregnancy. During that time, I was in an abusive relationship, I was struggling to put food on the table and had no money to pay my rent. God has been with me every step of the way. Now, 13 years later, I married a man that loves my daughter as his own, I have 2 other children with him and I am happy to say I am tumor free. God has given me the strength and the ability to go after my education, and I now have an MBA and an amazing job He has provided to me. I have always had faith in the Lord but now I want to devote my life to him.

Sarayna Conde
The moment I knew Christ was with me was when there were horrible people saying unbelievable things about me to others. The things that were said would bring me and down and I would let myself believe I was all those things. I would cry everyday and needed God in my life, so my parents and I went to church and were prayed with. The more I prayed the less stressful my day was. Since that day, I've never stopped praying for me and others every night. I know God loves me, and I'm ready to begin this journey for God to forgive my sins and to be by my side. I'm ready to be baptized and give my life to the Lord.

Tyler Kuehner

I have been attending Calvary all my life, from Kids' Connection to Royal Rangers to NXT junior high, where I am now. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at a young age. I try to live my life following His commandments and His word. I am choosing to be baptized as an act of obedience. I want to show others that I am choosing to follow Jesus all my life.

Gerald Marrero
I first learned who Jesus was while in my Freshman year of high school, but I never truly accepted Jesus into my life until Junior year. Throughout high school I considered myself to be on a spiritual high; I was on fire for the Lord, but I was in an atmosphere where I was not challenged in my beliefs. Since graduating, I realize how easy it is for the devil to confuse you and to make you question everything you know. I have been feeling farther and farther away from God, and I don't want to feel this way anymore. I want to make a declaration not only to myself but to all my family and friends, but more importantly to God, that I want to end my old sinful life and start this new chapter in my life.

Andrew Mitts
I'm 13 years old. I have my ups and downs in life and I have made mistakes that I would like Jesus to forgive me for. I want to do this to follow him and ask him to stay with me on this journey in my life. I want him to keep on protecting me and my family. I want to be a true follower of Christ.

Matthew Mitts
I am 9 years old. I want Jesus to forgive me of my sins and I want to be a Christian and follow the Lord. I want to be baptized to show Jesus that I love Him and believe in Him.

Kayla Moss

Something unique about my story is that I was adopted from Russia. My wonderful parents decided to adopt me in 2001, and brought me to Calvary Church. I have been in a Christian home my whole life, but I still came up against life’s as I grew up and started making my own choices. When making plans for my future, I realized I was lacking the one thing that would really get me through everything: God. In the summer of 2017, I decided to do IDT for another year, and I also signed up for war week for the first time. This was the best decision of my life! It helped me really know that I am loved by God and taught me to feel the burdens of others. That second night, I decided to commit everything to God. I'm proud of my faith and excited to pass the good word to everyone around me. I want to get baptized because I think the best time to do it is with this flame kindling in my soul ready to spark a fire to spread God's love.

Raymond Odom

My mom dedicated me to the LORD after she and my father adopted me. At 8 years old, I dutifully followed my father's advice to be baptized. However, by adolescence and young adulthood, l was pursuing sin with reckless abandon. I married my wonderful and loyal wife, Joan, in 1980, and when she became pregnant with our first child, I realized that my life was out of control. That summer, 2 high school friends confronted me about being saved. We read key verses from the Bible and when we got to Rom 10:9, they asked if I believed in my heart that that God raised Jesus from the dead and I affirmed my belief and prayed to receive Christ as my LORD and Savior. God removed the years of pornographic images from my brain the night I prayed for forgiveness.

After that, my faith went to my head, but not to my heart. I enjoyed being "right" and proving others “wrong.” I wanted every accolade on my "resume for heaven." I became a youth Sunday School teacher and then a deacon. My blind loyalty to doctrine caused me to emotionally abandon my wife in her time of need, and soon I found myself having periodic but predictable "relapses" in my pornography addiction. This hurt my wife even more. I realized that my addiction to lust was strong enough to endanger my marriage and family.

We came to Calvary Church on the first Sunday that Pastor Ross preached as the new pastor. We loved the diversity, and our children became actively involved in the church. It has been a catalyst for their spiritual journeys. I eventually found a Sunday School class that dealt with lust, and I attended the class for years. About 3 year ago, God began to slowly show me through the scriptures what being a disciple really means. I thought discipleship was just a program for new Christians, and I figured those verses about giving up your life only applied to the "serious" missionary-type Christians. When I found a group using the term “disciple” to refer to new Christians, I met with some of their leaders and they asked if I had ever really repented of my sin. It became clear to me that I had not repented of my sins of intellectual pride, sexual lust, and love of the world. I began to seek genuine repentance, and God began to break my heart for the depth and damage of my intentional pattern of sin.

About that time, God also lead me to attend a group for men who were sexual addicts. Oh, how hard it was to walk in to a room of self-professed sex addicts! It was so very hard to admit that that label could apply to someone like me. This group has allowed me to see the true reality of God's love and the call to follow Jesus. I realized that I needed to make a decisive and clear commitment to follow Jesus in every way. Instead of just believing in Jesus—I now BELIEVE JESUS. I believe everything He did and everything He said. I have now been free of pornography and masturbation for over a year, and I finally see the fruits of repentance in my life through the GRACE of God. I met someone from Calvary for about 9 months of counseling, and he emphasized the need for me to love my wife through a changed heart. I finally came to see that a "changed heart" is by the GRACE of God through repentance and faith—Faith that God is willing and able to do for me what I could not ever do for myself.

I hesitated being baptized again because I did not know if my family would understand why I was being baptized yet again. But God has repeatedly confirmed to me that taking this public stand of obedience after repentance and commitment to follow Jesus is what I must do.

I am sorry to have written such a long testimony, but I wanted you to be able to see why an ordained church leader was getting baptized for a 3rd time. For me, the beautiful confirmation of God's call in my life to be baptized was when I went in to the orientation and saw the shirt that said, "I have decided to follow Jesus." I cry each time I think of that moment. Oh, how I thank God that He loved me enough to allow me to turn from my sin so that I might decide to follow Jesus! My baptism will be the public testimony of this unwavering decision.

Ashton Phillips
I am 11 years old. I have chosen to be baptized in the name of the Lord. I’ve wanted to be baptized since I was a kid, and have always followed the path of the Lord. I realized, as I started middle school, that God is stronger than anything and will lead you to success in life. I feel that this baptism will make me stronger in my relationship with the Lord, and His relationship with me.

Bruce Pusateri

I’ve always believed in God and I knew that Jesus died for us. I had the head knowledge, but my life was centered around "me." I would reach out to Him as I needed. It wasn't until I went through the most difficult time of my life when I recognized my sin and was broken to the point of despair. I realized it wasn't about me! I have been truly redeemed! I now live for Jesus and not myself. I am a disciple for Jesus Christ, and I am so thankful for God’s grace. I now live to glorify Jesus and share my experiences to advance His kingdom. I am so excited to publicly share that I have repented and want people recognize that Jesus is my Lord and Savior!

Xari Robinson
I grew up going to Christian schools and moving around a lot. It took me a while to realize why God was taking me on these bumpy roads that made me question my faith. For a while, I was holding back during worship. I didn't want to, but I could feel I was not praising with my whole heart. I was afraid of what people would think if I started jumping or putting my hands up. It felt like I was trapped, except I was the guard keeping me there. It wasn't until I started going to NXTJHI services that I knew God had a plan for me. I knew He was testing my faith, but still helping me along the journey. God is still working in me, but now I know who I am and who God wants me to be. Now I share God with my friends at school and bring them to church events. I know where I stand in my faith.

Cameron Solberg

I'm 17 years old, and I've been attending Calvary for the majority of my life. I went to Calvary Christian School from 1st grade to 8th. I gave my life to the Lord at an early age, and have been loving and serving Him longer than I can remember. I was baptized in the Catholic church as a baby, and being baptized again never really crossed my mind until recently. I am at a place where I can say with my whole heart that I will delight in following the Lord in all ways, because He is the only way. As an infant, I definitely did not have the same stance (or any intelligent thought for that matter), so I am making this declaration today: I will commit to the life of wholeheartedly loving the Lord my God and following His commands.

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