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18. Jesus Wept

June 14, 2017

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“Jesus Wept” John 11:35

In 1950, the movie “Harvey” was released. In this movie, Elmer P. Dowd begins having visions of a huge invisible rabbit named Harvey. Harvey never makes an appearance in the film, but his presence is definitely felt. It is humorous to see Elmer go through life trying to convince the people around him of the reality of Harvey, without actually seeing the rabbit.

When I think about the Lord, I am thankful he did not leave us in this same predicament of trying to explain something imaginary or invisible. Jesus is real. One of the key tenants of the Christian faith is that Jesus was fully God and fully man. It is so powerful to see him respond like the way you and I do. In John 11, one of Jesus’ closest friends, Lazarus, dies. Jesus is unable to immediately go to his friend and his family. When he arrives, seeing friends and family, and feeling the weight of the moment, he does the unthinkable. He cries. Jesus cried real human tears and felt real human sadness. He had a real response, to a real moment.

Think about this for a moment: Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re feeling, you are not alone. “Jesus wept” isn’t some verse we memorize and move past without stopping and thinking about it for a moment. This personalizes Jesus. Not only is he our savior, he is also our friend. Jesus wept.

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