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22. Learn to Pray

June 10, 2017

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Lord teach us to pray… Luke 11:1

Do you remember learning to tie your shoe? There seems to be many variations to such an easy task. You are born with the capability of learning how to tie a shoe, but you do not know how until someone teaches you. There are a lot of instances in life where our capabilities are realized only once we are taught them. No one grows up and instinctively knows how to read, but with the right teacher, unrealized potential can be unlocked.

With that thought in mind, prayer is the same way. Have you ever heard other people pray and felt intimidated because your prayers didn’t sound as fluid, put together or strong? This is completely normal. The disciples spent a lot of time with Jesus. They heard his words, saw his miracles and witnessed his prayer life. One day, one of Jesus’ disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. So He did.

God wants to communicate with you. He wants to reveal the mystery of his goodness. He wants to hear from you. To experience that, prayer is required, and Jesus wants to teach you how to pray. What would your prayer life look like if you let Jesus teach you to pray? There is an increase in faith, persistency and expectation when we learn to pray. Like the disciples, ask Jesus to help you learn to pray and see what God does through you, in you and for you.

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