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5. Joy Under Pressure

June 27, 2017

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Count it all joy when you fall into various trials... James 1:2

There is a huge difference between joy and happiness. One of the difficulties in our Christian walk comes when we try to put joy and happiness into the same bucket. You can have happiness and lack joy, and the opposite is true too; there can be a lack of happiness in your life, but you can still have joy.

When you break down the word happiness, it comes from the Middle English word hap, which means chance or luck. Another word from this is happenstance, which is chance or luck. Happiness basically means it is by chance or luck if something good happens. Happiness is completely based on what is going on around us.

Joy is much different. Joy is found in the knowledge of and experience with God. Joy comes from within, and is deeply rooted in our relationship with God. When James instructs us to count it all joy when we face various trials, he explains why. With trials, our faith is tested, and when our faith is tested, we develop steadfastness. Simply put, trials dealt in joy form a foundation to our faith that is unshakable. 

Joy under pressure is not based on what is happening around us. It is a result of what Jesus has done in us. When we experience joy in any circumstance or situation in our life, it is a good indication that the foundation of our faith is strong. If you are lacking joy, dig deep into your relationship with God. He promises you will find a new level of joy.

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