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Blessed Because She Gave

by Pastor Jason McElwee
November 25, 2015

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Blessed Because She Gave

This past Tuesday, Calvary’s Outreach Ministries partnered with 50 volunteers and Chicago City Church for our annual Thanksgiving outreach. We served a Thanksgiving meal to over 500 low-income and homeless families and distributed 250 coats and 100 knitted hats and gloves.

This is my fourth consecutive year serving at this event, and each year I am humbled by the needs of so many low-income families and the many unique challenges that each individual faces. I am also amazed at how God works through this serving event to bless this community, our volunteers and our church.

As our team of volunteers arrived, we efficiently set up to prepare for the Thanksgiving meal. During this time, Chicago City Church conducted a service during which the Gospel of Christ and the message of hope was offered to everyone in attendance. We heard testimonies, enjoyed praise and worship and listened to the preached word. One of the volunteers who served with us had never been to a church service before. Though she came to serve, this volunteer was captivated by the preacher’s message.

On our bus ride home to Naperville, God amazed us once again. This volunteer began asking questions about what was being proclaimed. She asked why people were saying “thank you” to Jesus. This question led to a great conversation that I was able to have with her about God, faith and salvation. After agreeing that she needed a Savior, we led her in a prayer of salvation to receive Christ.

She came to serve.

She walked away transformed.

There’s an old saying that states, “It is better to give than to receive.” But, after witnessing how God moved this week, I will always state, “It’s a blessing to serve others and so that even one heart can receive Christ.”

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