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9. Dream Big

June 23, 2017

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Then they said to one another, “Look, this dreamer is coming!” Genesis 37:19

The story of Joseph in the Old Testament is a fascinating story. One of the youngest sons of Jacob, Joseph had a series of dreams in which his entire family bowed to him. When he shared these dreams with his family, they laughed and ridiculed him. When they saw him coming from afar, they said, “Here comes the dreamer.” This was probably said with a sarcastic undertone because they ended up selling their own brother into slavery.

Joseph’s story doesn’t end there. He goes through a lot of trials and struggles. He ends up in a prison cell, but he doesn’t stay there. He becomes second in command of all of Egypt. Many years later, during a massive famine, his entire family shows up and bows before him—just like his dream so many years prior. More than that, he was able to save his family and offer them food during the famine. What started as a dream became a reality.

Have you ever had a God-sized dream? When God gives you a dream, there usually isn’t an easy path. Trials and struggles often come—maybe so many struggles that you have given up on the dream or not even started it. When God wakes up the dreamer inside you, there’s often a greater purpose at hand. This is why the enemy tries so hard to stop the dream and the dreamer before the purpose can be realized.

If Joseph had quit during the hard time, his family would have died. But he didn’t. Every time someone tried to stop Joseph, God used it the circumstance to move him closer to the purpose and reality of the dream. Be encouraged to dream again. God wants to do something great for you and through you. It’s time to wake up the dreamer and get the God-sized dream going again so that people can say about you, “The dreamer is coming!”

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