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How to Stick to Your Resolutions

by Dr. Jeff Rebarcak, health and wellness expert
January 03, 2015

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How to Stick to Your Resolutions

With the new year now a reality, many of us have been in “self reflection mode.” We’re looking in the mirror and deciding whether or not we’re satisfied—not only with fitness but with other goals, as well. Have we grown? Have we reached new levels in our personal awareness, our relationships, our service to others? But what comes after reflection? What’s next?

Some of us will have to dig deep find something to improve in the new year, while others have that “something” staring them right in the face.

Did you know that weight loss ranks as #1 in the most common New Year's resolutions? With 61% of Americans reporting that they want to lose weight, it's not surprising that this is such a common goal.

However, with only 8% of Americans actually achieving their resolutions, we see a large margin of failure—not only for weight loss but for everyone who sought improvement.


Whether you want to be healthier, wiser or more musical, you'll need to ask yourself one question, what is my “why"?

Why do I need a “why”?

Why are you going to eat better? Why are you going to improve yourself?

If you can't nail down the reason why you want to make a change, I guarantee that you won’t have the drive to follow through. Things get old, visions become blurry, excitement wanes. This is why it’s so important to find your why.

What is a “Why”?

Your why is your higher purpose. It’s the stuff that keeps you going even when things get rough. Your why gives you purpose. With health and fitness, of course we want to look good and have more energy, but that’s not really your why. Your why is directly connected to your calling and purpose in life.

Healthy minds and bodies help us to serve our families and communities better. Fitness allows us to live out our calling without aches, pains or physical limitations and to walk out our divine purpose. That’s your why!

Let your higher purpose always be your why. God has designed a unique plan for your life, and you want to be able to follow through with it. That bigger picture will keep you focused and true to your goals even when they’re no longer new, fun or exciting. 

Setting Your Goals

Once you understand the why, think about what would better equip you for God’s service:

Is it God's plan for you to bring others into his presence through worship? Practice an instrument.

Did he create you to spread his word—possibly in another country? Learn another language.

Did he call you to be his hands and feet by giving and helping those around you? (Trick question! He calls all of us to this.) Be in good health so that you are physically able.

God is, of course, a really big God. He’s big enough to use anyone, anywhere, in any condition, to do his work. But wouldn’t you rather live in such a way that, when God calls you to run a race, you're ready to go? You've been training. You've been eating right. Your mind is clear. Now you’re at the starting line and ready to go!

I know I would.

Hold yourself to a higher standard this year. Keep in mind the importance of you. At times of weakness, remember that you work for a higher purpose. Remember that you are in training for the calling that God has put on your life!

Taking the Next Step

If you’d like some help getting on the right track, Dr. Jeff is leading a class this month as part of Calvary’s Believer’s Life line-up.

Start the Year Healthy
Dr. Jeff Rebarcak, Dr. Rod Thill, JR Niklos
Jan. 7 – Feb. 11

It can be fun and simple to take steps toward better health this year! You don’t have to make drastic life changes in order to feel better and have more energy. Come and learn as we take a look at how God created our bodies and how we can take steps to honor him with our bodies.

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