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by Jeff Sandstrom
November 13, 2015

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Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions spiritually? Doing church work, helping people and even attending services don't energize you anymore.

Do you ever feel like you live a lifeless religion?

People often believe that being born again is a single circumstance in a person’s life that they can recall and say, “That’s when I became a Christian.”

As true as that may seem, being born again isn’t just a single experiential circumstance in which someone “gets saved.” Being born again is not a label; it’s a process that happens again … and again … and again.

Repetition can breed boredom.

Being born again is about stopping the old and starting the new. Being born again is about a renewed mind.

It’s not a one-time occurrence. It can actually happen daily if you allow it to.

A young man once came to Socrates and said, "Socrates, will you be my teacher?" Socrates told the young man to follow him, and he turned and walked into the ocean.

The young man followed him into the sea, and they kept walking until the water was just touching their lips. Socrates then turned around and put both hands on the young man's head and pushed him under the water.

Wanting to be compliant, the young man stayed there for a while, but soon he began to spit and sputter and thrash about, trying to get air. All the while, Socrates held him under the water. Soon the man began blowing large bubbles and thrashing about as wildly as he possibly could, and finally Socrates took his hands off the young man who then popped to the surface, gasping for air.

Spewing water out of his mouth, he looked at Socrates and said, "Master, why did you do that?"

Socrates looked at him and said, "When you want to learn as much as you wanted to breathe, then I will be your teacher."

May you allow the teachings of Jesus to have full effect in your life.

May you be as desperate for a renewed mind as you are for your next breath.

May you take off your old self and fully put on the new you.

May you be born again.

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