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8. No Tiptoes Required

June 24, 2017

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Ask and it will be given to you... Matthew 7:7

Most parents think the best way to deter a child from getting into something is to put it in a high place, out of reach. The high placement of candy, cookies, car keys, money and any other things so as not to be messed with is a false sense of security, which most adults buy into. Many times, kids allow adults to believe this tactic works. The reality is, kids know how to get what they want even from on top of the refrigerator.

If motivated enough, kids can reach any height to grab claim to what is put in high places. They will drag a stool across the kitchen floor, climb up on the stool and elevate themselves to the highest point on their tippy toes for the extra few inches. Finally they reach that prized possession! Kids are relentless in their pursuits, and it is actually shocking how much can be accomplished when kids get on their tippy toes. The reality is, kids aren’t the only ones that use their tippy toes. 

There have been goodhearted people who approach God like he has placed the most prized possession on top of the refrigerator. Have you ever wanted something so desperately from God, but it just seemed out of arms’ reach? Have you ever been in a place where prayer and worship almost turns into a tippy toe dance with God?

Be encouraged that God’s intention is for us to have a relationship with no tiptoes required. In fact, Matthew says, “Ask and you will receive ...” God’s promise is to put everything you need, and some of what you desire, right within your reach. We only get on our tiptoes to check the refrigerator when we feel like God is withholding from us. He wouldn’t do that. His hands are open, and he is ready to bless you. Maybe what you need isn’t on top of life’s refrigerator. Maybe what you’re looking for is right in God’s hands.

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