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Young Adults

VOX is a community of Young Adults at Calvary Church. It is a fun and interactive worship experience for all. The word "VOX" in Latin (meaning voice) symbolizes the importance of finding positive expression as an individual and as a faith community.

We are defined by our passion for Jesus and for people. We are committed to building the future of Calvary Church through worship services, VOX Groups, and monthly events! Come eat, hang out with friends, meet new people, hear great music, and be encouraged by life-changing messages. Don't miss it.  

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Call VOX: 630-585-3246

Calvary Leadership College

God’s plan for your life begins with the right preparation. Calvary Leadership College is a program that prepares you for a life of ministry—no matter which career path you choose. CLC will give you credit that will transfer to Southeastern University, but it takes your college education beyond textbooks and classes. CLC gives you a biblical perspective and provides unique opportunities for leadership and global engagement. 

God’s purpose for your life will require your very best, so start preparing now! 

Calvary Leadership College website