It's good to be at church!

Things look a little bit different, but our commitment to you is the same!

Are you ready to get back to church? We're ready to see you again! Since reopening, we are continuing to work non-stop on keeping you safe and comfortable. As you consider joining us in person soon, we want to share what WE'VE been doing and let you know how YOU can help!
You don't need a reservation, and we are not offering nursery at this point in time. However,  we do offer in-person kids services for age 4 through grade 5!
Also, in accordance with the DuPage County Health Department, face masks are now required for anyone over two years of age (unless doing so would inhibit your health). If you do not have a mask, we have a complimentary mask available for you at the nearest sanctuary entrance.

We want to remember to “Consider others above yourself” (Philippians 2:3) and “Make allowance for each others' faults” (Colossians 3:13). We want to be a church family that looks out for each other, and remembers that each person is responding to these past few months differently.

Here's what to expect for in-person services

We're all in this together

We are offering a safe and touchless experience that includes:

  • Doors propped open
  • Every other row roped off in the Sanctuary
  • Empty seats between each family unit 
  • Dismissal by sections to avoid overcrowding in aisles or hallways
  • Masks required and available at Sanctuary entrances
  • Hand sanitizer around every corner
  • Rooms and bathrooms cleaned after each service

We encourage you to enjoy church from the comfort of your home if:

  • You are elderly
  • You are immunocompromised
  • You live with someone who is elderly or immunocompromised
  • You have young children who cannot sit through a service, as our lobby and Wiggle & Giggle Room will be closed
  • You are simply uncomfortable attending in person at this time

Planned with YOU in mind

Thank you in advance for considering others above yourself. We can't wait to see you when you're ready!