Water Baptism

What is water baptism?

After repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation, Calvary encourages obedience to the Lord’s command of Water Baptism by immersion (Mt. 28:18-19). This act symbolically declares that a believer’s old sinful life died with Christ and that a new spiritual life with Christ has been raised. Therefore, in order to be considered for baptism, a person's life should reflect their new life in Christ and their commitment to obeying his Word. Please note: In that marriage is a biblical standard, couples who are living together and not married do not qualify to be baptized until conforming to Scripture.

When can I be baptized?

The next water baptism opportunity will be during the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services on May 5, 2019. 

How can I participate?

Adults and children (grade 4 and older) are welcome. You will need to attend a 20-minute baptism Next Steps class prior to being water baptized. This class will be held following each service on April 28th in the Guest Welcome Center. 

Register here to sign up for our next baptism service.  If you need more information about being baptized in water, please email us or call 630-585-3279.

Baptism Testimonies

Baptized March 17, 2019

Victoria Helle

As a kid, I was raised Catholic. My family and I went to Church every Sunday until I was in middle school, but God was never discussed in the household. So, I had grown up with the idea that my relationship with God had to be a secret, never to be talked about outside of the Church. I began to question my relationship with God and began on a journey of spiritual discovery. During this time frame, I had gone through some significant life challenges and made choices by my own will, rather than His, which began to lead me down a path of destruction—both towards myself and towards my loved ones. Soon, my world was collapsing around me left and right. I felt ashamed, angry, and so alone, but I couldn't escape my struggles. I didn't feel able to forgive myself and move forward. I felt stuck in my own mess, slowly suffocating in all the pain I created for myself and others. I fell to my knees one evening and just cried for hours, praying to God for a sign or guidance.

It wasn't long after that moment that I encountered the grace of God. I found it through the acceptance, love, and forgiveness of a Christian brother who saw that I could overcome my struggles if I surrendered my life to Him. My friend started to bring me to Calvary with him on Sundays, and it was here that he opened my eyes to the wide and loving arms of God. Through the acceptance of Jesus in my life and the recognition that He died for our sins, I was able to develop a deeper relationship with God than I ever knew was possible. I was able to feel forgiven, accepted and loved, and it was through His Grace that I could finally move from the shadows of my life and turn my face towards the sun. Since that moment, I have dedicated my life to Christ and have chosen to celebrate my commitment to Him by getting baptized, symbolizing the cleansing of my sins and the beginning of my new life abiding by the word of the Lord.

Nadia Salazar

I accepted Jesus when I was 7 years old. I remember my grandma talking to me about how important it is to follow Him. We prayed together, and I accepted Jesus as my savior. I went to Breakaway retreat for the first time this winter, and I felt something special as my crew leader was praying for me. I knew at that moment that I wanted to continue to follow Jesus and show the world that He lives in me!


Baptized February 3, 2019

Santiago Bustamante

I was raised knowing the word of God, and my family would always go to church. My parents would go to the Spanish service and I would go to the NXT. I felt like God wasn't real or He didn't exist because I wouldn't see change in my family; we would always argue and fight. I would be sitting down when NXT was worshipping. I would be bored and find nothing useful about God. There was a time when my family was getting closer to God and I was getting farther. I started doing drugs in school and at parties, skipping class, going to class late and laying in the couch on my phone, doing nothing. All the drugs and social media addictions kept me trapped in a cage of doubt, anxiety, anger, and isolation from God. I would believe in God, but not walk with God. When I was at Breakaway, I felt God speak to me when Pastor Orlando preached about being caged up. God told me He would free me from all drugs, social media addiction, anger, anxiety, doubt, and isolation. I broke into tears and worshiped the one and only God. I surrendered, and I am never going to apart from His path—the path that gives me love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Now, I have made the decision to follow Him forever and never part from His path to success. I will spread the word to non-believers just like the bible says, "Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" Matthew 28:19. I hope my testimony changes lives.

Alexis Mendoza

I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 14. After 5 years of following Jesus, I have understood what it means to follow Him. At Breakaway, I felt like I needed to get baptized as a representation that Jesus has wiped away all my sin and made me clean, and that I am a new creation in Him.

Jesy Tan

I was lost for a long time. My relationship with God was there, but there was a barrier between us that kept me from listening to Him. I had a rough life from the start; God put me through a lot of trials and, I won’t lie, in some of them, I was in a really dark place. I remember I would keep asking “Why God? Why me? Why are you punishing me?” I thought God had left me stranded for a while, but I was completely wrong! From the start, He was there for me, He lifted me up and kept me strong through all those trials He gave me a strong backbone until I broke down those barriers that kept me from God. Now I finally hear Him! The Lord is my Shepard, I will never be in need. You let me rest in fields of green grass. You lead me to streams of peaceful water, and you refresh my life (Psalms 23).


Baptized September 2, 2018

Kristina Baker

I chose to get baptized because my life was going down a horrible path. I was dealing with so much stuff that seemed too difficult for me to handle. Some of the friend choices I was making weren't the best. When I noticed this, I decided to ask my mom to take me to church. And when I went there, the first day I felt so much relief, like everything was being removed from my life. Baptism was something that I had waited to do because I knew it was a big deal, and I wasn't ready for it. But when I walked into the church, I knew I had to. I’m excited and ready to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

Hope Dela Rosa

I grew up in a Christian home, and I went to Calvary since I was a baby. Calvary is my home church. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on August of 2015 and decided this year, at 11 years old, that it is time to get baptized. I decided this is the year because I wanted to say publicly that I am a follower of Christ, and I will do my very best to serve Him.

Nancy Hoeksema

I've been attending Calvary Church for over two years and, I am so grateful to God and all the pastors, choir, etc. for making my life so blessed and happier. I have always wanted to attend Calvary church, but since I am Catholic, I thought I would not be welcomed. Everyone is so nice and welcoming that I knew this is where I belong. It's real and warms my heart. My birthday is coming up and before I turn another year older, I wanted to be baptized now. I am so happy! Thanks to everyone at Calvary Church for always being so kind.

Rachel Marker-Kling

I have been a Christian as long as I can remember, but for one reason or another, I have never been baptized. The last two years of my life, the Lord has been walking with me through one of the lowest valley’s I’ve ever known. Throughout this time, my only peace and comfort have come from growing closer to God and letting Him fill the broken places. This is my day to publicly connect with God.

Stephany Opoku

I grew up in a Christian home, and I have been going to Calvary ever since I was two. There was this time when I was in 9th grade when my pastor said, "You say you are a Christian because you go to church and you listen to your pastor speak, then you go to school and you act like a totally different person." I remember hearing that and then thinking, I need to do more. I went to Breakaway that year and I remember Pastor Steve saying, "If you need God in your life, come to the Altar, get on your knees and start praying for him to come in your life." I remember just getting on my knees praying and crying for Him to come in my life. I decided that I needed to do more so I started doing Bible plans and reading them every day. I knew this was what I wanted; I needed God in my life and I want people to see God when they see me.

Rachel Perez

Growing up in a Christian household, I was always taught to follow God and to believe in Him. For as long as I can remember, all my memories of religion and church were at Calvary. I grew up going to Noah’s Park, NXT kids, NXT JHI then finally NXT. When I was younger, I thought church and Christianity were just a routine thing. Pray before you eat, go to church every Sunday morning and read your Bible, but it wasn’t until 8th grade when it clicked for me that there was something more to it. Although you do have to believe in God and His word, you also have to have faith and believe in Him through all of your good times and your bad times. 

Going into my junior year of high school, I was so far away from God that He had to physically break my foot to get my attention. Breaking my foot and going through that healing process was one of the worst times in my life, but it was also the best time of my life. Since I wasn’t able to do some of the activities I was involved with anymore, it opened up my time to do more things. I started to come to church more, and I started to be more involved in NXT.  I joined worship team, did IDT and RD week, made amazing and encouraging friends and grew closer to God more than I ever have. Suddenly, it wasn’t just a routine thing anymore. Everything in my life just clicked into the right spot once I accepted the Lord into my life.

There was a moment during RD week, when we were having a worship service at Benton, when I knew I wanted to get baptized. Going into RD week, I was giving this one particular friendship up to God and I came into that worship service with all-around confusion on what I should do next. I remember worshiping with both my arms in the air, crying out and singing the lyrics of the song when all of a sudden, God speaks to me and gives me the answer to all of the questions that I’ve been asking Him for the past 2 weeks. I was so shocked and so overwhelmed that I lost balance and continued to cry even harder. After a while, I stood firm on my two feet and I automatically started thanking God and praising His name. I came out of that service with a sense of relief and like He had taken away all of the burdens I was carrying with me. That was truly the moment I knew I wanted to get baptized, and I can’t wait for it to happen! 

Baptized April 22, 2018

Natalia Angomas

My whole life, I have grown up in a Christian home. Growing up, I thought Jesus was someone who gave His life for me, but as I got older, I figured out it was much more than that. I accepted Jesus at a very young age, however this year, at 11 years old, during Breakaway of 2018, I felt reassurance by the Holy Spirit that He was with me always and that in every circumstance, things were going to be okay. I decided to get baptized because I wanted to make it public that I am continuing my journey with God, and I’m going to try my best to be a disciple of God.

Annissa Bridgeforth

It was New Year's Eve, and I was in bed when I felt the Lord say to me “A storm’s coming. I need you to trust me.” I began to feel scared because life (by my standards) was pretty great. About a week later, God made good on His word began to remove just about everything I thought made my life great. It shook me to my core, and it felt like I was drowning. In an effort to save myself I tried to swim away from God back to my old life. Causing me to hurt and disappoint those closest to me and only leading me to more brokenness. Though He could have left me, my God remained right by my side. Supplying me with the strength to keep breathing. My whole life I’d been trying to go it my own way, and after these last few months, I was at the end of my rope. I needed to be rescued, so I
surrendered ... and God broke open the floodgates of His grace and let it rush over me. My sea of pain and brokenness began to look like a stream compared to the ocean of God’s Love for me. Every tear, He saw. Every cry, He has heard for all my life. When He could’ve left me behind He said “No. That is my Daughter whom I love, and I’m going to set her free,” and whom the Son sets free is ... well you know the rest :) The storm I once spent everything in me trying to fight turned out to be the biggest blessing I’d ever received because it led me home and today I’m truly free.

Michael Capua

I came from a Roman Catholic background. I thought I was already saved because I attended the mass on Sunday. I recently found out through a Christian friend of mine that we have to be born again. I then confessed Jesus as Lord and wanted to attend a Bible-based church. This church was the perfect fit, because of the passionate way they worship our Lord—much more alive than some Catholic and Christian churches I have seen. I thank God for sending this person into my life. I now know the right doctrines and I am now ready to make my faith public. Thank God I knew the truth before it is too late!

Amanda Cielenski

I have always believed myself to be Christian, but recently felt the pull to be one with Christ. Since I sincerely asked Jesus into my heart, I have felt such a shift in my life. In the last year, I have gone from a Sunday church visitor to reading scripture daily, attending weekly Bible study and truly feeling Jesus in my heart. I was baptized as a baby, but I want to be baptized now to follow the Bible and sanctify my commitment to Jesus because I have truly found salvation in Jesus Christ.

Arun Dangwal

My story? No! It’s God at work! I’m a 41-year old former Hindu. I come from a very religious small town in the northern part of India. When I was a kid, I bought a poster that said: “I will go in the strength of the Lord God” -Psalms 71:16. How did I get that poster? Well, now I see that was no coincidence! God lead me to it and that poster remained in my room for years.

At age 30, I met my wife Jemimah (Jenny), who is Christian and I immediately fell in love with her! Unlike in America where you can get married to any faith person, we both faced serious issues. I was disowned from my father’s property and unable to keep any relations with family after I married a non-Hindu girl! Life went to rock bottom, but I never left my wife. In fact, I asked her to take me to church—I wanted to know about JESUS. 

In 2012, after reading the Bible, I got a vision! In it, I was on the roof of a hut, and I could see a tornado coming towards me. As soon as the tornado hit, I let myself completely go, free in the storm. Tossed through the air, I saw that I was near a beautiful beach. I landed on a rooftop on that beach, so safe and so calm. A few days later, I got news that I would be moving from a bad job to a new better job in the U.S. This is exactly the interpretation of the vision I saw.

I'm so grateful to have such a diverse, thoughtful church in my access. I also got to meet Pastor Cody, and he understood my need and handed me a book by C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity. God was playing His part here too! Last October, I was blessed with a baby boy. I also have a 10-year old daughter.

I will always follow JESUS and His words. After all these miraculous life stages, when I look back, I see only His grace and when I look forward, I see His glory! I feel a responsibility to share the gospel with others. I've already accepted JESUS my Savior and Lord and I'm so happy to follow him and get Baptized!

Julie Geotis

After a sudden desire to pray on a frequent basis last summer, I was drawn to the Bible my husband owned and had stored in his closet. I opened it up, made a decision to read it, and have been reading it continuously still. Since then, I have had many encounters with our Lord and savior. He truly does speak in many ways. I hope that everyone would experience this before their worldly end. Nothing pleases me more than to know I am as close to the Lord as I can be. I feel so safe, so loved. 

Without writing a book myself, I will share a moment: Last fall, around 3 a.m., I woke up and had a hard time falling back to sleep. We have a family bed with 2 small children, and our youngest was 2 at the time. I was praying silently and at the end of my long-winded prayer, I asked the Lord if He could hear me. Immediately after I asked him that question, our youngest daughter, in her sleep, answered, “YES!” Now, one can say that was a coincidence, but I have had way too many conversations with our Lord and too many answered prayers to agree. I don’t think I even believe in coincidences anymore. So, all I have to say is since I have developed my relationship with God, I am a new person. Now, my next step is to be baptized, just as our Lord and Savior was. I have been thoroughly enjoying my walk in and with Christ. I love him so much and that makes me feel so alive!

Jack Loftis

I was born in a Christian household. I turned away from God because of grief and anger from the death of my mother 7 years ago. I have just returned to church, and I'm wanting to get closer to God again, to ask forgiveness for turning away from Him. My heart and soul felt empty for so long cause of my turning away. I have fallen on my knees, and I'm asking for strength.

Jesse Ortiz

My life, at one point, was at its lowest. My parents were going through a divorce, my home was broken, everything seemed to go south quickly. My dad took it rough, and our relationship went cold. During that time, I began failing my high school classes, hanging out with the wrong people, trying drugs and making overall bad decisions. Eventually, a friend of the family reached out to my dad and invited him to visit Calvary. Over time, my dad turned from being a visitor to a member, joined Bible studies, went to multiples services, and turned his life around. It wasn’t long before he approached me about going with him. At first, I was hesitant. I was too caught up in the fast life of bad decisions that were pulling me deeper and deeper into destruction. One day, a voice spoke to me saying, “You try all these others things for the first time, why not try church? Let Me show you what I’m able to do.” I realize now this was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. I went and, since then, my life has changed dramatically.

I was saved by Jesus the same day my dad was at a friend’s house. We both got on our knees and asked God to welcome us into his mission and save us. Over the years, I have grown from being a young, immature person to a grown mature man of God. Yes, I’ve seen hard times, but God’s power and voice never leave my side. God’s presence has been proven so many times in my life, and he truly shows me how much power he has without any limit. Since then, I am now a college graduate from a 4-year University, father of two, and happily in a relationship with a godly woman. I now understand what God has done in my life, and I’m ready to be baptized and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I understand what I really want out of this life; I want to be forgiven and have my sins taken away from the past as well as receive God in my life forever and lead my family with me. To show how much God works and how much power he has, my daughter will be baptized with me. He has a plan for her a well, God is good!

Laura Suarez

A friend of mine who is a Christian has always encouraged me to give my all to Jesus. I've always said I would, but never actually did. I believed, I just had no effort to do so. But one day I got into an automobile accident that changed everything for me. I started to lose hope and say, "Why, God? Why me?" I would cry and cry every day with enormous pain. The accident shattered my right arm bones, and I had a cast on for weeks, pain for weeks, no strength in my arm — I couldn't even grip onto anything. During that time, I became addicted to norcos to take away the pain and anxiety. I was in therapy, but I didn’t find it helping. 

My aunt and cousin have been going to this church for a while, and I decided to tag along. That first service everything changed! I finally started to have hope again. God puts obstacles in people's way because he knows how strong we are and he knew I could take that big hit. Right after the first service: no more crying. I put my all into therapy, I got off my addiction of norcos, and I actually found out what I wanted to study in school.  My arm was healed in three months for having hope and faith in our father! This accident made me open my eyes. I am very excited to be baptized by this amazing church that makes me leave services always with a smile and positive thinking for the rest of my week.  Most importantly, I am so excited to give my all to the Lord. I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to live my life with bigger hopes in him.

Baptized February 11, 2018

Shekia Baker

I grew up in the church. I've discussed getting baptized with my father numerous times. My father sat down with me before he died and told me that I need to give my life to the Lord. I decided it was time.

Lauren Banda

I am deciding to get baptized as an adult because I have been walking with Christ for quite some time now. I was once baptized as an infant in a Catholic Church, however, I no longer belong to a Catholic Church and as a young adult, I wasn’t always living and leading a Christ-filled life. February 11 will mark my 27th birthday, and I feel it wasn’t a coincidence that Calvary decided to host water baptisms on this particular day. I know in my heart that God lead me to this decision and it will be a significant milestone in my life. I am honored to partake in this public baptism to re-declare my faith, proclaim my mission to be a servant of the Lord, and honor Him all the days of my life.

Mikal Bey

I am 14 years old, and I have been attending Calvary off and on for about 3 years. I am giving my life to the Lord because I know that is the only way. I have learned from attending church and reading the bible that Jesus is the light and the way. As I commit my life to the Lord and confess my sins, he will forgive me my trespasses.

Gabriel Boyd

I always believed that baptisms were only for those who are holy, for saints. I knew I wasn’t like those people and continued to convince myself of that. However, that changed after I went to breakaway. God stirred something in my heart each and every night of that retreat. I felt that God was calling me to more. and I believe being baptized was the next step.

Aylani Castro

I'm 15 years old and, as a baby, I was baptized in the Catholic Church. I went to Catholic mass my whole life, but I never felt my connection with Christ. I knew God was so great, and I wanted to make him number one in my life, so I came to Calvary to hopefully gain a better understanding of who God was. As soon as I came in July, I felt the strongest connection I've ever had with God. I wanted to immediately get baptized and publicly show myself committing my life to Christ. God has given me the greatest purpose in life and shown me the greatest love. I am doing this to be cleansed of my sins and to have a fresh start so I can be the best disciple I can be.

Araceli Dantzler

I was baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church. I attended mass here and there, but still felt empty, and I never had a close relationship with Christ. I've been coming to Calvary Church for about 9 years, and I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I am ready to get baptized and continue my journey to be more like Jesus and less like myself.

Marianne Flores

I am 21 years old and have been attending Calvary church for around 3 years. Two good friends of mine from high school always invited me to come, but I never really stopped to actually go to Calvary. I always admired the way they talked to other friends with such faith, and I realized how happy they always were. I wanted to be like that too. As a teenager in high school, it is very hard to follow the right path. You are always faced with temptation and peer pressure around you that misleads you from hearing the word of God. After high school, I dedicated myself to work and became distant with my family. Nothing was going the way I wanted, and I was not accomplishing the Goals that I had set for myself. As I was going through a hard situation, I came across a verse in one of my journals. It was Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you." This verse made me realize that no matter what I'm going through, God already has a plan for me and I don't have to worry. What I need to do is open my eyes and follow His way. Later, I realized that if something didn't go the way I wanted it to, it was because that's not what He wanted. When I left everything to Him, I saw many doors open my way and I became more thankful for the things that didn't turn out right. I know God has a great future for me, and I know I can do all things through Him that gives me strength. With this baptism, I know that my eyes will open to a new reality and my faith will grow stronger in a relationship with God so that I can be able to share His love to others.

Gracie Ghosh

I've been going to Calvary since as far back as I can remember. I was born into a strong Christian family and have been in Christian education for the majority of my life. I committed my life to the Lord at an early age and I have been following Him for a very long time now. I always looked forward to church and never felt like my parents had to make me go because I enjoyed it. Calvary is like my second home! My parents never asked me when I wanted to get baptized because they wanted it to be on my own timing. It wasn't until recently that it really became a thought for me. I went to the high school retreat at Calvary and came back feeling like God told me it was time for me to own my own relationship with him. Getting baptized to me is saying just that. I am deciding to wholeheartedly follow the Lord for all of my life because He is the only way.

Abigail Gonzalez

I’m 14 years old, and I have been attending Calvary since I was in 6th grade, but I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at a very young age. I like to think that I represent Christian character in the way that He wants. I started high school this year and went to my first high school retreat with NXT. I truly felt God ask me to create a better relationship with my friends, family and with him. Now it’s my turn to make a decision; I am deciding to wholeheartedly follow the Lord with every part of me because I know that God is the only Way.

Faith Hill

I started out not knowing God at all. Though not knowing anyone or anything about Calvary, I soon learned a lot and gained new friends. My mom started taking me to Missionettes, and in Missionettes, I became an Honor Star. I memorized a lot of bible scriptures, I did a lot of activities and had a lot of fun learning about God.  I felt so happy after earning badges. It was not one moment that led me to Christ but a progression of learning more and more of about God. God has helped me to be more confident and less shy and nervous. I know that He’s with me all the time.

Jared Jablonka

I accepted Christ into my life at age 14. I am 15 years old now. It has been an amazing journey so far. I have been learning the right way to handle certain situations. I have felt like a new person since accepting Christ. The Lord has been so good to me. I thank the Lord in prayer often. I thank the Lord for everything He has done and is doing for me. I love the way the Lord has been working in my life. The Lord had a message for me in the Bible that I received months ago. When I was younger, my Nana prayed for a verse to give me, and she said the Lord lead her to Deuteronomy 5:33. The Lord is amazing! Being baptized was the next step for me in my journey with Christ. Doing the right thing makes me happy and I know it makes Christ happy. Doing what is right is what I want to try to do every day. Even though I make mistakes, I can learn from them and try to do better.

Kassandra Jablonka

I am 9 years old. I accepted Jesus into my life last year. It was important for me to be baptized because I want to follow Jesus and show Him that I love Him.

Kayla Jablonka

I am 13 years old. I accepted Christ into my life about a year ago. Being baptized was the next step I wanted to take in my life. I wanted to be baptized because having a strong relationship with Christ means everything to me. He has done so much in my life, and I want to live by His Word and do my best in this world.

Rita Medina

In 2002, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Through the years, I've felt like there was never the right moment to start committing my life Him. I thought that once I got it all figured out I would do just that: commit to Him. I've decided to stop making excuses. I know in my heart that He accepts me for who I am, so today is the day that I will start my walk with Jesus. From this point on, for the rest of my life, I will serve Him for His higher purpose.

Michael Petillo

I started going to Calvary in May. The second I walked into service, I saw a community of people worshipping God in a way I have never seen. Coming from a Roman Catholic upbringing, I have never been part of a service that had so much energy—it was simply beautiful. To be able to see people having a moment with the Lord took my breath away. After months of attending, I was given the opportunity to serve as a leader in this year's Breakaway. I was able to create memories that weekend that molded how I will live the rest of my life, and I will never forget that. God tore every wall I had down, and I was able to finally come to terms with a lot of tragedy I have faced from a faith perspective, knowing that God has always been on my side. I was able to feel love like I never have before. I felt like I had matured in my faith and could more fully understand the community I fell in love with that one Sunday in May. I could not be more blessed to have had the support and love from my friends and family that I have at home and here at Calvary. I am forever thankful. God is good!

Kinja Richardson

My whole life, I have been told to believe in God but I never knew why until later as an adult. I had a rough childhood, and when things went wrong, I knew to pray but I didn't understand why. I now know that God has guided me through everything good and bad I've been through in life and has been right by my side. I feel his presence, I know his love, I understand the sacrifices made to make me whole, and I want to do everything in my power to make sure that the power and strength he has given me serves in his name forever and ever and always.

Darren Verhage

I am 14 years old, and today is my birthday into the family of God. I desire with all my heart to be born again and show my love and faith in Jesus and in what He did to show His love for me. I plan to be a missionary and travel the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be saved and born again in His holy and wonderful name.

James Watts

I grew up in a home where my mother was a believer and was baptized as an infant.  I knew Christ at an early age and consistently listened to Moody radio. John MacArthur's teachings particularly impacted me and still do. After college, I recommitted my life to Christ. I recall reading Psalms, chapters 1 through 40. Psalm 34:1 is sort of my life verse: "I will extol the Lord at all times, His praise will be continually on my lips." I am married now for 34 years and we have 4 grown children. All in my family decided to get baptized as believers. God has led me to this point to make this declaration for Him. My wife and I love Calvary Naperville!

Tyler Woods

I was baptized as a baby in a Presbyterian church, but never felt a connection with God growing up. When I moved to Naperville three years ago, I began to attend Calvary. I started seeing God’s work in my life and my faith has continued to grow each week. I’ve decided to put God first in my life, and that’s why I chose to be baptized again.

Baptized November 5, 2017

Kumbirayi Makoni

I was baptized when I was a baby in the Catholic Church. Ever since I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I have always wanted to be water baptized. I am excited to make the proclamation of my faith publicly on my own. We chose this special day for our whole family to get water baptized: my wife and our three children.

Katian Arenz

My whole life, my mom has always followed and trusted Jesus, even when we were going through some rough moments. Through the struggles, my mom never doubted her faith—in fact, it just made it stronger. Her love, faith and commitment to Jesus really showed me what a true believer looks like and how I want my relationship with Jesus to be. Even though I grew up as a Christian, I was never really committed until this past summer in IDT where God showed me the way to Him and told me that He had plans for me. Now I know who God wants me to be, and I want to live my life according to his teachings.

Nicolas Williams

I'm 11 years old, and the reason I want to get baptized is so I can have my sins forgiven and lifted from my shoulders and onto Christ. This year, I went to Kids Across America summer camp and it changed my whole perspective of how I look at the Lord. It made me feel that you don't have to be so serious and that you can have fun learning about Him, but not use the Lord as a crutch. I want to be baptized because the Lord is a very important part of my life and I need him to stay in my life.

Maud Makoni

I was baptized as a baby. As life has moved by, my Faith has grown. The Lord has told me: "It is time to be water baptized". So, I am being baptized as an act of obedience to the voice of God in my heart. I waited for my kids and husband to all come to the same place. It has taken this long. I praise God, my whole family will be baptized same day.  

There is no testimony without a test. In 2003, I lost my son during late-term pregnancy. It was my first brush with death and left me shattered and depressed. On Mother's day in 2015, my mother suddenly passed and exactly four months later, we lost my father-in-law. My whole world collapsed right under my feet. In all this, I've experienced God’s grace and mercy. When David said “goodness and mercy will follow me,” he was right. In my struggle with grief, I learned to let go and allow the peace of God to win over my broken heart. I couldn't carry my loss alone, l had to depend on God. I let Him in my life and it was like having a friend walking with me. We walked together on the path to recovery while l talked with Him and He talked back to me. I grew to trust Him and became able to love Him through all the seasons of life. I know without a shadow of a doubt that in my time of sorrow He was there to comfort me and to lift up my soul. For me, pain and sorrow actually produced a new person in me. To mark this important phase of my life and my relationship with God and to show my love to God, I will be baptized publicly in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.